Make your mark in the Adult LIVE STREAMING Web Industry with Club Cam Systems software solutions, the easiest and most powerful streaming tools today.

Club Cam Systems has created a unique software solution to take your existing Adult Club to the next level with LIVE Internet streaming! Imagine offering your club’s Main Stage to a Worldwide PAYING Audience via a Monthly Paid Membership Base! In addition to this revenue stream, additional income centers are created for your entertainers via LIVE CHAT, which can be done from your club and/or from the privacy of their own home! While taking a break from the normal club routine, entertainers can perform IN-CLUB CHAT, without disrupting your operation. Produce revenue 24 hours a day online from your bricks-and-mortar club. And that’s not all! You also earn money 24/7 with pay-per-view video clips that are AUTOMATICALLY recorded every time an entertainer does a Private Chat Session! All this directly from your club’s custom website included in your Club Cam start up kit!

All Entertainer income is uploaded to Club Cam Systems Debit Cards issued to each individual Entertainer direct from Club Cam Systems. Clubs Do Not Pay the Entertainers.

Club Cam System’s software is custom-designed specifically for Adult Club needs. Fully supported by this software package, you can enter the lucrative world of LIVE Media Streaming with the confidence of a master, while all you’ll need is the skills of a novice. By utilizing our extremely simplified installation instructions your LIVE Cams can be up and operational within hours of receiving your equipment package. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Let our team start you on your LIVE Media Streaming adventure today. Media streaming offers instant live action to the world, and Club Cam Systems is media streaming at it’s finest!


Club Incentives

  • Increase revenue to club 24/7 through monthly memberships & video rentals.
  • Increase revenue to entertainers
  • Increase revenue through door
  • Improves club marketing – allows customers to view your main stage and dressing room even if they can’t be there in person; allows club to have advantage over other clubs in their area
  • Minimal club investment quickly recovered through increased revenue
  • Minimal setup required: laptops & cameras are recommended for private chat rooms
  • Your club’s main stage and dressing room is seen by a World Wide Paying Audience
  • Clubs are able to monitor money spent by online members

Entertainer Incentives:

  • Increases entertainer revenue
  • Provides another source of revenue for entertainer from private chat sessions, electronic main stage tips and Make It Rain.
  • Entertainer can virtually provide a personal experience with their customers and recurring revenue base
  • Entertainers can see how many credits customers have, so more “attention” can be provided until depleted
  • Entertainers can earn revenue from clientele worldwide
  • The Club can be accessed through their models up to 24 hours a day worldwide with our in-home studio feature

Customer Incentives:

  • Customer can access the club virtually
  • Customers can maintain a virtual relationship with their favorite entertainers
  • Customer has the convenience to view their favorite entertainer Live from you Main Stage
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